Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sun and Sand.

Last weekend, Donny and I went to Kure Beach for a few days.  We had such a nice, relaxing time!  We were up before the sun on Thursday to get to the coast early.
We got to Wilmington around 9:30 and headed straight for the USS North Carolina.  I had been to the ship when I was in high school, but it was much more interesting to me as an adult.
After making our way through the ship, we got some lunch, and then headed to our condo at Kure Beach.  Fortunately, there hadn't been anyone in it the few days before we got there, so we were able to get in it early.  And finally, I was at the BEACH!
That evening, we had dinner and and walked around the Wilmington waterfront.  It was so beautiful!
We even saw the trailers from the set of Sleepy Hollow!  Sadly, nothing more exciting than that though.
Every morning, I was up around 6:30 and out on the deck for my quiet time.  I looooooove early mornings at the beach-- it's my favorite thing about vacation.  I love being up before most everyone, watching the sun wake up, and hearing the waves crash while I read my Bible.  There's nothing better.
I spent my days down by the ocean with my books.  I finished four books this weekend, including two that I started and finished within a day!  PS-- If you are a Bachelor(ette) fan, then you definitely want to read I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends by Courtney Robertson.  It's very, um, revealing of her time with Ben, so be aware.  And with any memoir that's written to try to repair a person's public persona, I take it with a grain of salt.  But I did love the behind-the-scenes look at the production of The Bachelor!
While I was reading, Donny was playing in the ocean.  The water was very rough, which resulted in some casualties like a broken boogie board and some lost sunglasses...  But he had a blast!
Friday night, we took a sunset cruise around the Cape Fear River in Wilmington!
Saturday night, we stayed in the Carolina/Kure Beach area for dinner, and took a stroll along the pier. 
And before I knew it, Sunday was here, and it was time to head home.  :(  It was a great, relaxing time, but I definitely could go back right now!

Monday, July 21, 2014


Donny and I just got back from a nice long weekend at the beach.  But before I can recap our mini-vacation, I have to talk about my girl Maggie.  We got her when I was in the 8th grade.  My dad and brother went to a farm to pick her up while my mom and I were on a church trip.  She was the runt of the litter and pretty sick.  The vet didn't know if she'd make it through the week, but we nursed her back to health.  And soon she became a precocious and adventurous puppy that quickly had us wrapped around her finger.
When I was growing up and growing up got hard, she would cuddle with me and let me cry on her.  Then she'd try to lick my face, of course.  
She was the most fun dog-- always ready to play and to jump around and to run through the house.  She barked at anything that moved and loved having visitors at the house.
Maggie was the most loyal and loving dog.  Even after I moved out of the house, she was always excited to see me when I came home, making me feel special. 
She was with us almost 16 years, until this past Friday when my parents said their final good byes to her at the vet's office.
I'm glad that I got to see her before we left for the beach to say goodbye.  She lived a nice, long life with us.  And I'm glad that we got to enjoy her while we did.   

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogging Failure.

I can't believe that I've only blogged once this month.  And only four times last month.  And only fifty times this entire year.  My husband tells me that I'm failing at blogging...  I seriously don't know why I'm in such a blogging funk.  I do love it.  I could blame it on my early morning crossfitting, which seriously tires me out for the whole day sometimes.  But that doesn't explain last week when I slept in every day and still didn't blog.  Or the months before crossfit began.  

I could blame it on work, and that's really probably a decent reason.  I normally do blog at work in the mornings, but these last few months have been pretty crazy.  Almost every day, as soon as I walk in the door, it's nose to the grind.  No time to poke around.  Except that's not true for every single day, and I still haven't blogged on those days either.

Really, I just don't feel all that interesting these days.  I don't take nearly as many pictures as I used to.  I think this weekend, I took two or three.  My days all pretty much look the same-- crossfit in the morning (or sleep, whatever...), work, then home to crash.  Some Tuesdays I have Bible study, most Wednesdays we have dinner with my grandma, but that's it.  There's nothing really to write home about.  Not that I'm complaining-- I love getting up in the morning to work out, going to work and being productive, then coming home to a loving husband for dinner and rest.  It's great.  But it's not the best blogging material.

I've read a LOT of books and gotten kind of obsessed with Harry Potter recently.  We have a new intern at work, who is fantastic.  Donny and I are planning a big road trip to Texas before and for Thanksgiving, which is going to be a blast.  I found a lipstick that I love.  We've been hanging out at the pool.  Work is going fantastic-- I've got some huge cases, which mean big fees, which means a nice bump in the paycheck.  All good things, but again-- not great blogging material.  

I want to be writing, but nothing happens when I open my browser to type.  So what do y'all do when you're in a blogging funk and don't feel like you have much to write about?  All suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Wedding in Wonderland.

(Warning: LOTS of pictures ahead.)
This weekend, my brother got married!  It was such a fantastic weekend.  I had far more fun than I even thought I would.  The festivities got started on Friday afternoon with high tea for the girls at the O. Henry Hotel, where their wedding would be.  I had never been to a high tea before, but it was lovely!  My mom and I decided we definitely had to go back.  The scones were the softest and fluffiest I've ever had, and they brought us complimentary champagne since Morgan was the bride.  :)
Saturday night, we had the rehearsal dinner at a new British gastropub in Greensboro, Marshall Free House.  It was such a cool atmosphere, and the drinks that they make in their "cocktail laboratory" were fantastic.  Morgan's mom brought cupcakes for the whole crew, and they were delicious!
And then before we knew it, it was Sunday and time for a wedding!  Morgan loves tea and Alice in Wonderland, so it was only natural that it be their wedding theme.  It all turned out SO cute.  Donny got this great shot of my brother in the hallway outside the ceremony location.  One of my favorites of the day.
The wedding garden. (Well, half of it anyway.)
The Mr. and Mrs.!
My parents!
I love this shot that I got of Morgan by the pool.  How gorgeous is she??
Y'all.  The cake! 
Are these tags on the champagne glasses not the cutest things ever??
And the centerpieces...
All the details were just fantastic.
The grand entrance... 
And the first dance... 
Donny trying to steal my parmesan chicken... 
Time to cut the cake! 
Toasts by the Best Man... 
And Maid of Honor.  Madeline couldn't get through hers the first time around.  So sweet.
We had tea service with our cake!
Then it was time to boogie!  Drew's friends cracked me up... 
Donny and I had such a blast.  One minute we were dancing to Usher, and the next minute it was last call!  The night flew by, but it was a wonderful time.  I'm so happy for Drew and Morgan-- they couldn't have found more perfect partners for themselves than each other!